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iNaturalist Plant Observations - Panama

rebecath   2019-09-19
Panama, Coclé, La Pintada, Panama, 8.6878851 -80.6437834

ramon_d   2020-10-17
Panama, Coclé, La Pintada, Coclé Province, Panama, 8.6735605094 -80.5962610245

edgarabel   2010-07-16
Panama, Veraguas, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Panamá, 8.6207597893 -81.0639433935

squiresk   2021-05-26
Panama, Veraguas, Santa Fe, Santa Fe District, Panama, 8.6192909774 -80.9655111369

Missouri Botanical Garden - TROPICOS

604495Clem W. Hamilton   26811983-02-04
Panama, Coclé, Caribbean side of divide at El Copé., 8.7066667 -80.6083333, 200 - 400m

2469471Sandy Knapp   54021982-06-05
Panama, Veraguas, Ridge of Cordillera de Tute, trail to Cerro Tute, above Escuela Agricola Alto de Piedra, just W of Santa Fé. Premontane wet forest., 8.53333 -81.11666, 800 - 1350m

996836Kenneth J. Sytsma   18451980-10-24
Panama, Coclé, Above El Potroso sawmill at continental divide., 8.6766667 -80.61, 1200 - 1300m

996842Barry E. Hammel   62911979-03-09
Panama, Coclé, Sawmill above El Copé Pacific slope, ridge W of sawmill, 8.675 -80.60833, 1006 - 1067m

3591532James P. Folsom   56841977-10-02
Panama, Coclé, Around Rivera Sawmill, 7 km north of El Copé, road to summit., 8.6819445 -80.6013889, 700 - 850m

3591825Barry E. Hammel   35471978-06-21
Panama, Coclé, On ridge W of Sawmill above El Copé, Pacific drainage., 8.6666667 -80.6166667, 853 - 1097m

1950837Thomas M. Antonio   49581980-06-29
Panama, Veraguas, Santa Fe, Vicinity of Escuela de Agricultura Alto Piedra, near Santa Fé. Along trail to the top of Cerro Tute, 8.48222 -81.09805, 1067m

601115Gordon McPherson   128831988-09-01
Panama, Coclé, Along road above El Cope, on trail from crest de road above old sawmill., 8.63333 -80.58333, 850m

606505Thomas B. Croat   675541987-09-13
Panama, Coclé, Nata, Alto Calvario along summit of Continental Divide, 5.5 mi N of El Copé; 3.5 mi N of Escuela Barrigón., 8.6697223 -80.5936111, 850m

2754169Paul J. M. Maas   27801977-09-01
Panama, Coclé, Near saw-mill, 8 km N of El Copé (28 km NW of Penonomé). Very wet cloud forest, 8.66833 -80.59444, 600 - 750m

996835James P. Folsom   12731977-01-14
Panama, Coclé, Lumber camp at Alto Calvario, 7 km N of El Copé., 8.6755556 -80.6083333, 900m

101057602Daniel A. Cáceres González   43622012-09-16
Panama, Veraguas, Santa Fe, Parque Nacional Santa Fé, camino a La Sabaneta., 8.607453 -81.040689, 610m

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution - Botany

US 2837563P. Maas, C. C. Berg & R. L. Dressler   27801977-09-01
Panama, Cocle, Near saw-mill, 8 km N of El Cope (28 km NW of Penonomé)., 600 - 750m

US 2990920R. W. Read & E. M. Watson   84-661984-09-28
Panama, Cocle, On divide at very top of Mt. Calvary, beyond saw-mill camp; above El Copé, 28 klm. northwest of Penonomé., 750 - 800m

US 3385270J. Grant & J. R. Rundell   97-028401997-08-13
Panama, Panamá, Parque Nacional Omar Torrijos, 7.4 km from El Cope., 706m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1177912Maas PJM; Berg CC; Dressler RL   1977-09-01
Panama, Flora Panamensis. Hab.: prov. Coclé, near saw-mill, 8 km N of El Cope (28 km NW of Penonomé).

Page 1, records 1-20 of 20

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